Car's headlights

Posted by Devinder Kumar Dhiman on September 24, 2015 at 9:55 PM

Question: One car is moving with speed of light and its head light is ON, what should be the speed of light?

Answer:- According to theory of relativity, it doesn't matter whether you are travelling in the car or observing the car from a distance, you will observe the light from the headlights travelling at same speed. Thus, an observer inside the car travelling near the speed of light will observe the head lights functioning normally, and will be able to see everything ahead of the car, whereas the observer standing at a distance will observe the car and light from headlights travelling at same speed, so he/she will observe that car's headlights are useless for the car driver as the light from them is not illuminating anything ahead of the car. This seems strange for a common man, but that is the way the theory of relativity is.

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