Effect of Dark Energy on Space-Time Concept

Posted by Devinder Kumar Dhiman on October 1, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Effect of Dark Energy on Space-Time Concept

Space-time concept of gravity is nearly a hundred year old, and is well established. It has firm proof in measurement of ‘time dilation’ carried out on board the satellites, where the precise atomic clocks record time slower than they would, at Earth. Hence, it seems imprudent to even suggest that there can be any reconsideration of this concept. Nevertheless, with the new notion of dark energy in space, we should re-examine this concept and see if there is any influence on it.

In space-time concept, time is considered flexible whereas space is not, because it is assumed, that there is nothing in the space that can have a variable value. But, with the discovery of dark energy in space, this assumption has to change. Dark energy can have diverse values at different locations in space. When we visualize this dark energy as a medium of space, in the form of lines of force spread in all directions in space, then we can calculate its variation at different locations. The variation pattern of dark energy in space can fulfil the same function, as accomplished by ‘time dilation’, in space-time concept.

‘Time dilation’ in outer space, is calculated as extra time taken by light to travel between two reflecting surfaces of an atomic clock. This slowdown in measurement of time, can also be attributed to different intensity of dark energy in outer space (where atomic clock is present), than at Earth. It implies that, it is the dark energy of space that is causing time dilation, whereas time itself is absolute.

Overall, the effect of dark energy on space-time, is that the space itself is responsible for gravity, and there is no requirement of fourth dimension of time. This makes study of gravity and other assertions of physics straightforward, contrary to complex justifications of observer dependent gravitational and quantum physics.

To learn more about the effect of medium of space (dark energy) on various theories of physics, read the book ‘Lines of Space- source of fundamental forces and constituent of all matter in the Universe’ available at


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