5 reasons for writing a science book

Posted by Devinder Kumar Dhiman on August 1, 2013 at 11:05 PM

After pondering over the reasons for writing a science genre book, I came across the following facts that motivate a writer.


You have an innovative idea, that you believe shall be useful for others, and want to convey to the world. You consider yourself fortunate that you have discovered something that nobody until then have thought of. You want to spread the idea as well as want to protect it from the unscrupulous elements who can project your idea as their own, so you find yourself in a tight spot; neither you can reveal your idea to anyone nor you can keep it a secret. Then you are left with only alternative of writing it all in a book or an article, getting its copyright and publishing it. Now, you have got a proof that the idea is yours and have the satisfaction that it can be circulated to the public as your idea.


If you are a natural teacher and love educating others, then you will be writing books for the fun of it because you feel satisfaction after explaining a certain topic in your own way, by giving your own concocted examples and illustrations. You feel contented when the readers inform you that they find your book useful.


Another reason is that you find a flaw in some scientific theory or disagree with a statement in any science book, and with your research you arrive at correct version, then you wish to disclose to the world your finding. This urge is the most compelling and can overcome any of your disabilities of writing a book; it will certainly make you an author one day.


Making money is a motive common for every genre and this inspiration is generated from the plenty of stories of authors becoming rich after success of their books. Though such stories are more common with fiction books which everyone can easily read and enjoy, but a scientific mind finds it difficult to craft a scenario of fiction, and finds himself at ease when writing about science and thus opts to write the book in the area of his own interest.


A science book may also be written in the hope of becoming famous in your field of study and enhance your value in social circles which can bring added benefits such as promotions and increasing the number of your students or followers. You also get delighted whenever your book is discussed in print or other media.

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