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About the Author  

Devinder Kumar Dhiman  is the author of three books-

1. Lines of Space- Source of Fundamental Forces and Constituent of all Matter in the Universe
2. The Big Bang and Lines of Space- A Simple Dialogue on Two Diverse Concepts , and
3. Black-Body Radiation - An Explanation without Probability

He has also published three technical papers :-

1. Energy Distribution of Radiation Emitted by a Black Body -Independent of Probability
2. A Study of Redundancy of time Dilation in Theory of Relativity
3. Unification of Fundamental forces under Normal Atmospheric Conditions  

The Author completed his studies from Marine Engineering Research Institute, Kolkata in 1988. Thereafter he worked on various ships during his long career of thirty years. Due to his deep interest in the study of fundamental questions of Physics, he studied the Theory of Relativity and Quantum physics and did research on the creation of matter from space and generation of fundamental forces from the stress in space-time fabric.

He presently lives with his family in Panchkula, Haryana, India.